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Opposite Day

Sandwich and Chris come at you with a pretty unique episode this time around!

Just Keep Swimming

What better way to say goodbye to 2020 than to look forward to 2021?

Sandwich and Chris set their sights on a vicious battle between Stanley Kubrick vs Alfred Hitchcock on this very special To the Death match!

In the Nickname of Time

Sandwich and Chris break down the funniest nicknames in sports!

Oh the Horror!

Sandwich and Chris rank the worst horror movie sequels of all time!

Fit for a Stephen King

'tis the season! Sandwich and Chris break down the best Stephen King adaptations!

Sandwich and Chris break down their favorite guilty pleasure TV shows!

Pure F**king Evil

Chris and Sandwich break down the best TV Villians!

World's are Colliding

Sandwich and Chris get interviewed by CJ Cullen on this Cullen on Film crossover episode with The Ranting and Raving Podcast in the Shared Universe Podcast Studio!

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